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Acallo LLC is the brain-child of 4 individuals with rich multi-media marketing experience and diverse and complimentary talents. Founded by multiple MBA holder & executive director of Tech Coast Angels; Ashok Kamal, multi-platinum producer & marketing MBA holder; Nicholas Sherwood, digital marketing and multi-media master; Miguel Blackmer-Hart, and lead developer & eCommerce expert; Sean Powell. In their respective roles they have worked with business and entertainment luminaries such as: Russell Stover Candies, Budget Car Rental, Outkast, Carlos Santana, Snoop Dogg,, Code Blue Industries, Tech Coast Angels, Mary J. Blige, Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, Nelly, Ron Isley, WGBH Public Broadcasting, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Berkelee School of Music, PAD (Professional Audio Design), San Diego State University, The Zahn Center, The Moxie Foundation, Ringba, MyStyle Platform, Anthony Zolezzi & many more.


The combined vision and talents of our founders and our dedicated team of creators and marketing professional provides us with an unparalleled ability to produce quality content and get it in-front of the right audience to consume it in in a profitable fashion. We strive to shine a laser beam on the optimal audience for your offering, thereby minimizing your costs while maximizing your profits.

Acallo is best described as a multi-faceted media-machine specializing in niche marketing for small and mid-sized businesses within the health care and home service industries. Our expertise in value creation and lead generation provides excellent return on investment for our clients, through our signature Acallo marketing and consulting programs. Our programs are custom-tailored, as each clients needs are as unique as their fingerprints.

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